Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Salvation Army Week

National Salvation Army week was May 14-19. The week was observed in Beaumont with some of our traditional activities, such as the Free Book Fair. Considering the success of this event in this past, this year we had 2 Free Book Fairs.

The book fair took place at Pointe North Apartments and Regency Apartments. The canteen was out serving cool orange juice, water, fruits, and snacks while children were making their picks of the books offered. Hundreds of books were given out!

The book fair is a great event because it encourages reading, imagination, and education among the children of the community.

It also offers an opportunity to speak with and inform children and parents about the programs and services of The Salvation Army.

Aside from the Free Book Fair, the Family Store had a special 25% off sale on all merchandise for the entire week. On Wednesday, even the boutique had a 25% discount on all items. These special sales make bargain prices even lower and make for a great shopping experience at The Salvation Army Family Store.