Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Basketball Season at the Boys & Girls Club

"The 2012 Basketball season at the Boys & Girls Club was another huge success!" says Michael Perez, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club. Over 100 Club members participated, playing on a total of 10 Boys & Girls Club teams ages 5-13.

The impact of this program has expanded beyond our own Club members as our league grew from 20 teams last year to 28 teams this year. In addition to our own teams, there were 18 additional teams from the surrounding area that played in our league. Our Club is becoming a leader in Southeast Texas for organized sports as other youth sports programs look to us to lead the way in organizing city wide leagues.

Participating organizations in this year’s league include The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Orange, Success Through Athletics (STA Raiders), The Beaumont Bees, Harvest For Lost Souls and the Lumberton Heat.

The season lasted for 7 weeks of regular season play followed by a two week play-off and championship. Games were played in our gym with some additional games played each week either at the gym at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Orange or at the West Tabernacle Church gym. The average game-day this year saw over 500 men, women and children visit the Boys & Girls Club to watch or participate in the games.

We would like to thank our dedicated volunteer coaches for giving so much of their time and energy to coach our kids, teaching them the fundamentals of the game, and providing mentorship, and character building experiences.