Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot Day Under the Sun for Club 316 Troopers

It’s been a very productive year so far for Club 316.  These troopers have passed their goal for badges earned, participated in Sunday school lessons, Vacation Bible School, and volunteered in several events.  They are also involved in extra-curricular activities at school and church.

Because summer is almost over, it was decided that a last field trip was in order for the hardworking troopers of Club 316.  They hoped to raise enough money to go to Paradise Waterpark.

They needed to raise money to pay for the full costs associated with the trip and so decided on a fund raiser today at The Family Store during the monthly 50% off storewide sale.

Today Club 316 troopers had a fund raiser at The Family Store.  They sold water bottles, snow cones, chocolates, candy, and crackers.  Employees, customers and even volunteers were purchasing refreshments to cool off.

Afterwards, troopers made some sales in a friendly neighborhood, introducing themselves as part of The Salvation Army Club 316.

It was a very productive – and successful – day!  Already HALF of the money needed to fund the field trip to Paradise Waterpark was raised today.  The children are all confident that they can raise the rest before the planned trip next week!