Friday, July 6, 2012

The Cool Way to Get Cool

This summer’s Cooling Station and Beat the Heat programs have certainly proven to be the “cool” way to get cool. From Monday to Friday, visitors are hanging out in the Cooling Station, watching TV and enjoying the air conditioner with some cold water.

This summer’s Beat the Heat program has certainly proven to be the “cool” way to get cool. Low-income seniors (who do not have air conditioning or are not able to afford the high rates during hot summers) are able to apply for a fan. Just last Thursday, 120 oscillating fans were donated by Entergy Texas, and by early this week, all fans had already been given out! That’s 120 fans from Entergy Texas plus 20 or so that were donated by a caring community, equaling more than 140 fans going out to the elderly.

It certainly gives evidence that the need for fans this year is substantially higher than last year.

Another significant contribution to the Beat the Heat program is still to come. The 7th Annual Box Fan Bash will be held at Madison’s on Dowlen on July 15. Woo-hoo! Owner Frankie Randazzo welcomes you to drop by anytime from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to support the cause. As usual, you can count on great food and a lively performance from local bands, so bring the whole family!

Donations are welcome, a box fan or some plain old cash will help out those in need of some respite from the heat. The summer heat will be intense and oppressive; many seniors still need help to “beat the heat.”

The Salvation Army relies on people like you to help those in need in our community!